Michigan’s Primary Results: Predictable and Surprising

Donald Trump takes Republican primary, Bernie Sanders stuns Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side – why Michigan, why?


WDET’s Laura Weber Davis and Sandra Svoboda are joined by Brandon Dillon the Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party on Detroit Today, to breakdown the results of Tuesday’s Michigan Presidential Primaries.  As expected, Donald Trump cruised to victory in the Republican primary, but Bernie Sanders edged out the heavily favored front-runner Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

  • Momentum: Svoboda says Sanders’ Michigan win on Tuesday helps move his campaign along, but it doesn’t necessarily enhance his chances of being nominated. “It helps him with momentum, but maybe not with the delegate count.”
  • Radicals: One caller says the reason people vote for “radical” candidates like Trump or Sanders is not because they’re angry. “It’s not that the people voting for them are angry, it’s just that they feel disenfranchised,” the caller tells Weber-Davis and Svoboda.
  • Language: Brandon Dillon says that whoever wins the nomination is going to have to modify their rhetoric to take the White House in November. “They’re gonna have to speak a different language, because people are not responding to what normally moves voters,” Dillon says.

To hear more of the conversation on Michigan’s primary results, click the link above.