Joan Belgrave: Marcus Belgrave Scholarship

Joan Belgrave creates scholarship in Marcus Belgrave’s name for young musicians

This morning, Detroit Today’s Laura Weber-Davis speaks with Joan Belgrave about the creation of a scholarship in her late husband, Marcus Belgrave’s, name.  This Thursday, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History will hold a concert and scholarship ceremony.  Belgrave says she wanted to “make this something that’s not just a concert…let’s make it so that it’s meaningful to the community.”

Belgrave believes the scholarship is something her husband would have appreciated because he “was a mentor for over fifty years here in Detroit”  She says, “I know that he would like for me…to continue his legacy.”

The scholarship will enable young musicians to gain experience studying with professional musicians.

“That was one of the things [Marcus] was really big on, is putting young musicians next to seasoned musicians…if you want to learn, connect yourself to one of the older musicians,” Belgrave says.

To hear the entire conversation please click the audio link above.