Mayor Duggan Encourages Business to Hire 8,000 Youth this Summer.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced the opening of the portal for Grow Detroit’s Youth Talent initiative today.

A Detroit initiative has set a goal to employ more than 8,000 young people this summer. Grow Detroit Youth Talent is part of an effort started by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to get young people between ages 14 and 24 into the workplace

Pamela Moore is the President of Detroit Employment Solutions, the leader of the initiative this year. She says the program is a great way to introduce youth to the working world.

“So to help our young people really understand what this experience is like, to get up and go to work every day, some of our young people have never seen that. Some live in families, in households where no one works. And so they need to be exposed to the real world, to the working world, to see all their many, many opportunities and to really just have hope about the future,” Moore says. 

Moore says the program provides youth with skills and resources needed to succeed at their jobs through work readiness training.  Grow Detroit’s Youth employed 5,600 youth in Detroit last year.