The Business Case for Racial Equity

President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation La June Montgomery Tabron on race in the world of business.

The William F Kellogg Foundation is playing a role in educational programs throughout Michigan. According to it’s website, the organization has a mission to “place optimal development of children at the center of all we do and calls for healing the profound racial gaps and inequities that exist in our communities. We believe in supporting and building upon the mindsets, methods and modes of change that hold promise to advance children’s best interests generally, and those of vulnerable children in particular”. Stephen Henderson sits down with CEO LaJune Montgomery Tabron to discuss the core goals of WF Kellogg Foundation:

·         Educated Kids: Increase the number of children who are reading-and-math proficient by third grade.

·         Healthy Kids: Increase the number of children born at a healthy birth weight and who receive the care and healthy food they need for optimal development.

·         Secure Families: Increase the number of children and families living at least 200 percent above the poverty level.


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