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Thirteen Dogs Found Abused and Abandoned in Detroit. Here’s How You Can Help.

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More than a dozen neglected Shih Tzus were found abandoned last week in Brightmoor. Support their recuperation, facilitated by local rescue Rebel Dogs Detroit.

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Rebel Dogs Detroit

Last week, an unusual situation unfolded in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood.

More than a dozen Shih Tzu dogs were found abandoned after suffering terrible neglect. 

We deal with horrible situations all the time… but this is an anomaly,” says Juniper Fleming, co-founder of Rebel Dogs Detroit, the non-profit organization currently taking care of the abused pack of dogs. 

She says it’s unusual due to the number of dogs found and the extreme abuse they’ve endured. “One of the things I hadn’t seen before was [how matted the fur of these dogs was],” Fleming says.

The matted fur created a kind of ‘helmet’ around the dogs’ backends, which left them no outlet to defecate, according to Fleming. 

You can tell when a dog’s been kept and abused versus when a dog’s been a stray… these dogs were definitely owned… and being abused for this condition to be created,” says Fleming.

One of the rescued dogs after receiving medical treatment and a haircut. Rebel Dogs Detroit

One of the rescued dogs after receiving medical treatment and a haircut.

She says that’s why the group is seeking the public’s help in finding the people responsible. “If you’ve seen a neighbor breeding Shih Tzus and suddenly [the dogs] are gone, please get in contact with us or the Humane Society’s cruelty investigation services,” Fleming says.

Rebel Dogs Detroit is also asking for help in helping pay for the medical care these 13 dogs desperately needed. Fleming says the group hopes to eventually adopt the dogs out in groups of two or more. 

Donate to the Shih Tzu pack’s medical care:
Call Wilson’s Vet directly and donate to their account (#323332) at (586) 752-6217
Join Rebel Dogs Detroit’s Patreon

Click on the audio player above to hear from Juniper Fleming of Rebel Dogs Detroit about these Shih Tzus.

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