The Rats are Here and They are Not Leaving

There’s something lurking throughout Metro Detroit.

They’re in abandoned homes and over-stuffed garages.

They desert sinking ships.

They have a good reputation in the Chinese zodiac. But they’re a bad name for someone who snitches on somebody else.

They are rats.

And they have been a problem for decades across the metro region.

Some groups are trying to get the vermin to scurry elsewhere, including the organization Royal Oak RATS, or Residents Are The Solution.

Courtesy of Jan Bills

Screech owls prey on rats and can be easily attracted to a property by building them a house.

Founder Jan Bills tells WDET’s Quinn Klinefelter the rodents that make many people’s skin crawl are not going anywhere anytime soon.

And Bills says they can show up almost any place.


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And here’s Hollywood’s take on the creatures


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