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Framed by WDET: The Sweet Science

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Image credit: Cydni Elledge

It’s mostly a thinking sport. The name of the sport is actually pugilism. It’s called a sweet science.” - Coach Khali Sweeney

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Cydni Elledge
Cydni Elledge

Going beyond the lens of decay and revitalization, Framed by WDET offers a balanced perspective to the mainstream media’s common narrative about what is happening in and around Detroit.

WDET producer Laura Weber-Davis and photographer Cydni Elledge weave high contrast photos and intimate interviews with youth boxers together into a Framed by WDET: The Sweet Science. In this story from 2017, then 17-year-old Rakeem Campbell describes exploring the science of boxing.

This sport right here. This is where I’m best at,” says Campbell. 

Even if you hit me hard, I’ve been here so many times, like I get used to the punches so it’s like if you hit me I’ll come back. I mean, you can take it as a butt whooping or you can take it as ‘oh, I’m getting work from this person so I’m getting better.’” 

Weber-Davis also speaks with Coach Khali Sweeney, founder of the Downtown Boxing Gym on Detroit’s Eastside, where Campbell trains. 

It’s not as hardening as it may look,” says Sweeney. “It’s mostly a thinking sport. The name of the sport is actually pugilism. It’s called a sweet science.”

To hear more from Campbell and Sweeney, click the audio player above. 

Framed by WDET continues to evolve, and this year we’re partnering with Grand Circus Magazine to bring this series of stories and photographs to life in a photo book and gallery exhibition. Learn how you can support WDET and back this project at wdet.org/kickstarter.

Erin Allen, Content Producer, Framed by WDET

Erin Allen is a Content Producer with Framed by WDET. Allen is a foodie, yogi and world explorer.


Framed by WDET 101.9 FM

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