Dlectricity Lights Up Detroit Design Festival


In 2015, Detroit was selected as a “City of Design” by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This means Detroit is now connected with cities such as Shanghai, Berlin, and Helsinki as a part of UNESCO’s Creative City Network. This presents Detroit with unique opportunities to collaborate with other cities working to create more sustainable urban environments. 

With the 7th annual Detroit Design Festival beginning next week, the city’s development and proposed architecture designs will be on full display. 

Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Olga Stella, the Executive Director of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center, about the UNESCO designation and what lies ahead for the city. 

Through the UNESCO City of Design designation we join a global network of 22 design cities and 116 cities of creativity,” says Stella. “This gives us access, not just to promote Detroit globally, but also to learn and to share with other cities.” 

As a part of this year’s design festival, Dlectricity returns to Woodward Avenue. Dlectricity is a light and technology exhibition featuring local and international artists. 

(At Dlectricity), you really see the way that art and lighting design interplay together,” Stella explains. 

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Image credit: Dlectricity

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