Fowl Running Afoul in Detroit and Windsor

They were driven to extirpation, which is local extinction, in our region do to habitat loss and over hunting. They were (re) introduced in our region in the early to mid-90’s”


Pheasants have roamed Detroit streets for a number of years. Now, Windsor residents have their own neighborly fowl: wild turkeys. Reports of turkeys roaming the streets are increasing, and one was spotted outside Caesar’s Windsor Casino.

Essex Region Conservation Authority Biologist Dan Lebedyk tells WDET’s Amy Miller that the re-introduction of wild turkeys into Ontario is apparently proving to be successful.

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Image credit: Michigan DNR

Aired on: Morning Edition
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Amy has been working in public and commercial radio for the last 30 yrs. She is an award winning reporter and news anchor, born and raised in Detroit.   Follow @wdetamy

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