Stephen Henderson Debates The Week’s News with Former Engler Spokesperson John Truscott

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This week has had its fair share of breaking news surrounding President Trump, former FBI Director James Comey, and more.

John Truscott, principal with the Truscott Rossman political PR firm, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to give his take on what is going on in Washington D.C. right now.

Truscott says the Trump Administration is handling things clumsily right now.

I don’t think that this administration has really gotten the political thing down yet,” Truscott says. “I do think if anybody is able to learn… I think they can get back and right the ship.” 

Truscott feels appointing a special prosecutor, which has been done, is the correct way to resolve the Russia situation. However he believes if there was a connection between Trump and Russia, it would be out by now.

Truscott discusses both the positive and negative attributes of Trump’s tweeting habit, along with the novelty of it as a way to communicate with constitutes.

He has changed the way world leaders communicate,” he notes. Although, Truscott jokes that if he was working on Trump’s communications staff, he wouldn’t just take away the president’s cell phone… ”I’d probably step on it or throw it out the window.”

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