Detroit Lions and Verizon to offer free WiFi at Ford Field

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Image credit: Tia Graham

Upgraded wireless will be ready for the NFL 2017 season.

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The Detroit Lions and Verizon on Thursday unveiled an upgraded Wi-Fi system for Ford Field..

The new network was built to handle more than 65,000 concurrent users. Free internet will be available to all Ford Field guests, regardless of their cell service provider.

Verizon spokesperson Steve Van-Dinter says it’s important for fans to receive the same services, no matter where they are in the stadium.

We don’t want some fans to have a really great experience, and others in others seats not to have a great experience,” he says. “There is no trade off. Every seat in the house has the same experience.”

The Wi-Fi system will cover the bowl, concourse, gates and premium seating in Ford Field.

Van-Dinter says the new service is being tested now and is scheduled to be available in August.

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