Rep. Debbie Dingell Preparing For Political Fights In 2017

Laura Weber Davis/WDET

The year 2016 was a long one in the political sphere. A seemingly never-ending presidential campaign delivered much vitriol on the campaign trail and at the nation’s Capitol. Now Democrats must prepare for 2017 as a minority party in Congress, and without an ally in the White House. 

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan 12th) says Democrats should wait to see what kind of president Donald Trump will be, but proceed with caution.

He was elected president. He’s going to be president of all of us,” says Dingell.

[But] if he tries to do something like create a registry of Muslims in this country, I’ll fight him tooth and nail.”

If they try to privatize Social Security and Medicare, they do not know what they will meet in the fighter in me,” she says.

Dingell also says the Democratic Party must regain its foothold in the coming year as the voice of working men and women, including political progressives and moderates.

Compromise is not a bad word, but you’ve got to know what you’re standing for.” 

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Image credit: Laura Weber Davis/WDET

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