Twisted Storytellers: The Prequel

This last story of Season 1 of Twisted Storytellers comes from our host, Satori Shakoor. Before she founded The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, she was in a deep funk. She was crawling back from the devastating grief over the loss of her mother, and then 9 months later, her son. She was living a spare bedroom in her sister’s house, terrified of an uncertain future, and then, the power of storytelling set her on a new course.

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

Satori Shakoor / Host of Twisted Storytellers on WDET


Listening is a generosity. It’s a human kindness. Listening grants being to another’s experience. It’s a service.

Listening is a revolutionary act.

And at the highest level, listening is the possibility of love.”

// Satori Shakoor


While telling her story onstage at the Moth in Boston, Satori ”was struck by the fact that I had never been heard or listened to so profoundly,” she says. ”And when I was finished with my story the audience applauded my struggle and my journey of overcoming.

And I thought, every single human being on earth should have this experience of being heard and listened to.

And that’s when I knew — this is what I’m supposed to do. This is my calling, my purpose.”


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Image credit: Photo credit: Marvin Shaouni

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Satori Shakoor


Satori Shakoor is an artist, a veteran of live performance and a social entrepreneur.   Follow @twistedtellers

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