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Metro Detroit Key Election Results

* denotes incumbent

Wayne County

100% of precincts counted


Kym Worthy (D)* 83.6%
David Afton (L) 15.8%


Wayne RESA Millage

Yes 54.1%
No 45.9%

RTA Millage

Yes 52.7%
No 47.3%


Detroit Proposal A

Yes 45.8%
No 54.2%


Detroit Proposal B

Yes 53.4%
No 46.6%


Detroit City Council

Janee Ayers* 60.8%
David Bullock 38.1%


Oakland County

100% of precincts reporting

Regional Transit
Authority Millage

Yes 49.9%
No 50.1%



L. Brooks Patterson (R)* 53.5%
Vicki Barnett (D) 46.1%


Prosecuting Attorney

Mike Goetz (R) 45%
Jessica Cooper (D)* 50%



Michael Bouchard (R)* 59.1%
Craig Covey (D) 40.6%


Clerk/Register of Deeds

Bill Bullard (R) 45.4%
Lisa Brown (D)* 54.3%


Oakland County Treasurer

John P. McCulloch (R) 45.4%
Andy Meisner (D)* 54.3%


Macomb County

100% of precincts reporting

Regional Transit
Authority Millage

Yes 39.9%
No 60.1%



Paul Smith (R) 38.4%
Anthony Wickersham (D)* 61.6%


Clerk/Register of Deeds

Karen Spranger (R) 50.1%
Fred Miller (D) 49.9%



Eric Smith (D)* 61.6%
Michael Wrathell (R) 38.4%



Larry Rocca (R) 50.2%
Derek Miller (D) 49.8%


Public Works Commissioner

Candice Miller (R) 54.6%
Anthony Marrocco (D)* 45.4%


Washtenaw County

100% of precincts counted

Regional Transit
Authority Millage

Yes 56.2%
No 43.8%



Jerry Clayton (D)* 68.7%
Ken Magee (R) 30.1%


Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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