New Program Seeks To Help Those With Disabilities Save Their Money

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Kathleen Wochaski says the program will help people with disabilities, like her son, be more independent.

A new program to help people with disabilities launched Tuesday.

The Mi – ABLE program gives people with disabilities a savings account with benefits like investment and tax incentives. The account also lets users save up to $100,000 without losing other financial disability benefits.

Kathleen Wochaski is a second grade teacher at Cherokee Elementary School in Clinton Twp. Her now 22-year old son has physical disabilities and a cogitative impairment. She said, “It’s a next step in allowing everybody the freedoms that we have as Americans.”

Wochaski also had advice for parents of children with disabilities. She says you have to be an advocate for your kids.

And if you’re being too pushy, well then you’re not being pushy enough,” she said. “Because everybody has their own things going on and yours is your child with a disability. You have to speak for them because nobody else is going to.”

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley worked on the new program. He says Mi - ABLE allows people with disabilities to make decisions for themselves.

In the advocacy world we call this living a self-determined life,” he said. “Most of us are afforded the opportunity to have that and we just need to make sure that everybody else does including people with disabilities.”

Calley has been working on several projects surrounding disability rights, including a bill that bans restraint and seclusion except in cases of emergency.


Cheyna Roth/MPRN


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