Sanders Won The Michigan Primary, Where Will His Voters Go In November?

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Austin Kidd

Hillary Clinton was in Detroit yesterday urging supporters to show up to the polls on Election Day.

Clinton and her campaign should know that Michigan is not a state they can take for granted. We handed Bernie Sanders a close primary victory earlier this year. That’s after polls showed Clinton with a comfortable lead for months.

Part of Clinton’s strategy here is to get those Bernie supporters on board, even if they’re still sore from the hard-fought primary cycle.

But will they? Has she done enough to convince them that she’s the progressive choice in the general election?

Two Bernie Sanders supporters from Michigan who are now backing different candidates for president join host Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today.

I was hoping for a progressive option to at least push the agenda forward. I would have liked the more progressive option to have won,” says Ben Duell Fraser, a founder of PishPosh.Tv, who now supports Hillary Clinton.

But, in the end, I just feel like part of being a progressive is voting for more than just your own interest,” Duell Fraser continues. ”You kind of vote for the group’s interest. So, in the end, as a progressive, you have to vote for what does the best for everyone else in the country. And since America’s kind of the leader of the world, you have to vote for what’s best for the world. And, in the end, I kind of think that being stubborn and not voting for Hillary Clinton is almost kind of self-indulgent in a way that is anti-progressive.”

Henderson is also joined by Austin Kidd, who led the Sanders campaign’s Metro Detroit effort in the primaries. Kidd is also a combat veteran. He’s now a Jill Stein supporter.

I’m of the belief that we need to put an end to the imperialism that the United States is partaking in,” says Kidd. “And the best interest for the whole world is to break away from the two-party system. And this is why I’ll be supporting Jill Stein.”

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