Primary Election Results for Key Races in Metro Detroit

Primary Election

August 2, 2016

Results from Key Races


Oakland County


14th Congressional District (100% of precincts reporting):

Brenda Lawrence (Dem)                        87.9%

Terrance Morrison (Dem)                      4.0%

Vanessa Moss (Dem)                              7.9%


Oakland County Executive (100% of precincts reporting):

Vicki Barnett (Dem)                               78.3%

Mark Danowski (Dem)                           21.5%


Oakland County Clerk (100% of precincts reporting):

Lisa Brown (Dem)                                  81.5%

Michael Smith (Dem)                             18.3%


Oakland County Clerk (100% of precincts reporting):

Tina Barton (Rep)                                  45.9%

Bill Bullard, Jr. (Rep)                             53.9%


Oakland County Zoo Authority Renewal Millage

(100% of precincts reporting):

Yes                                                          74.4%

No                                                           25.6%



Macomb County


10th Congressional District (100% of precincts reporting):

Alan Sanborn (Rep)                                25.2%

Phil Pavlov (Rep)                                   16.9%

Paul Mitchell (Rep)                                30.6%

David VanAssche (Rep)                         11.2%

Toni Forlini (Rep)                                  16.2%


Macomb County Sheriff (100% of precincts reporting)

Paul Smith (Rep)                                    53.5%

Philip Neumeyer (Rep)                          46.5%


Macomb County Zoo Authority Renewal Millage

(100% of precincts reporting):

Yes                                                          58.8%

No                                                           41.2%


Wayne County


13th Congressional District (99% of precincts counted):

John Conyers (Dem)                               60.7%

Janice Winfrey (Dem)                            39.2%


14th Congressional District (99% of precincts counted):

Brenda Lawrence (Dem)                        86.5%

Terrance Morrison (Dem)                      4.7%

Vanessa Moss (Dem)                              8.5%


Wayne County Sheriff (99% of precincts counted):

Shelly Milton (Dem)                              17.4%

Benny Napoleon (Dem)                         78.9%

Dickie White (Dem)                                3.5%


Wayne County Clerk (99% of precincts counted):

Cathy Garrett (Dem)                              88.9%

Adam Salam Adamski (Dem)                10.7%


Wayne County Treasurer (99% of precincts counted):

Beverly Kindle-Walker (Dem)              42.1%

Eric Sabree (Dem)                                  57.5%


Wayne County Register of Deeds (99% of precincts counted):

Bernard Youngblood                              64.2%

Lamar Lemmons                                     18.4%

Ricardo Moore                                        17.0%


Wayne County Parks Millage Continuation

(99% of precincts counted):

Yes                                                          73.3%

No                                                           26.7%


Wayne County Zoo Authority Renewal Millage

(99% of precincts counted):

Yes                                                          70.2%

No                                                           29.8%


Detroit City Council At-Large:

Janee Ayers                                            47.5%

David Bullock                                        22.9%

John Cromer                                           6.7%

Sigmund Szczepkowski, Jr.                   5.3%

Eric Williams                                         17.1%




Image credit: Olu Adelabi

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