Life Remodeled Builds Park Near Denby

Brendan Ross

A non-profit organization is hoping to round up 10 thousand volunteers for a week-long blight removal project in Detroit.

Life Remodeled” is looking to eliminate blight on 300 blocks of the neighborhood surrounding Denby High School.

Spokesperson Alan Adler says the neighborhood was chosen for the project because of its tremendous need…and radical hope.

There’s got to be two things at work, you have a lot of communities that have need. Communities also have to have hope because that’s how things take hold and that’s how they become sustainable.

Adler says the project also includes the renovation of 50 houses…creating of a new park adjacent to Denby High School…and the construction of a new community center.

Life Remodeled worked in Detroit’s Osborn neighborhood last year…and the Cody High School neighborhood in 2014. 

Image credit: Brendan Ross

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