Pence Stumps for Trump in Grand Rapids

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Indiana Governor Mike Pence joked that most people probably don’t know him. He tried to change that today during his first speech in Michigan since he was announced as Trump’s running mate.

During a town hall-style event at a Grand Rapids sports arena, Pence made light of the fact that he’s the governor of a neighboring state.

You know I stand here among these Michiganders and I’m just a guy from down south of the border. Indiana. And we love the competition with you people,” Pence said.

Governor Pence also hit some serious notes, coming out strong against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. While some shouted “lock her up” in the crowd, Pence told them:

We all better think long and hard about what having Hillary Clinton make upwards of  three appointments to the Supreme Court could mean to our constitution. To the principals of limited government.”

Pence also talked about his personal history and talked about Trump’s skills as a negotiator and a builder. But Pence got one of the biggest reactions from the crowd when he talked about Trump’s lack of political correctness.

To be around trump is to be around a man with broad shoulders, who speaks his mind, who doesn’t tip toe around rules of political correctness.”

The event was finished with a question and answer session from the crowd. During the Q&A, Pence was asked about his potential role in the Trump administration, the war on drugs, and abortion.

Republicans are hoping to turn Michigan red in this presidential election for the first time since 1988.

Image credit: Cheyna Roth, MPRN

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