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Wrapping up Trump’s Speech, #RNCinCLE, and Previewing the Democratic Convention

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John Truscott breaks down Trump’s speech, looks forward

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John Sellek
John Sellek

Donald Trump’s speech touched on things that haven’t been talked about by other candidates, Democrat or Republican. That’s according to John Truscott, president of Truscott/Rossman and former press secretary to Governor John Engler.

However, Truscott says, any good points in Trump’s speech were dwarfed by the length of the address and lack of style.

I think overall it was an opportunity missed,” says Truscott.

Trump gave his speech in characteristic fashion, he says, but it wasn’t enough to draw in people who were looking for substance and knowledge. The bump in support that it affords him will likely be small, says Truscott.  

I thought his kids did a much better job painting the picture in terms of who he is, where he’s from, and what he’s about than even he did,” says Truscott.

The Democratic Convention begins next week, where Hillary Clinton’s experience will work to her advantage, says Truscott. He says he expects the convention to be orderly.

To hear more of this conversation with John Truscott on Detroit Today, click on the audio link above. 

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