Gilbert Buys Two More Buildings in Detroit

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert is exercising his real estate muscle in Detroit.

Gilbert has bought two more buildings in downtown Detroit.

Gilbert already owns or controls at least 80 sites in Detroit.

Now his real estate arm, Bedrock Detroit, has bought another two commercial buildings in the city, both along Woodward Avenue

The Grinnell Building, the former home of the Grinnell Brothers Music House, currently contains a Henry Ford urgent care clinic.

The Sanders Building, which once housed a store featuring the famous chocolate and candy maker of the same name, also served as the site for Banks Bail Bonds.

Bedrock officials have yet to announce what will be done with the properties.

But Gilbert has outlined plans for other Detroit locations including creating a high-rise building on the footprint of the old Hudsons department store, redeveloping the vacant Brewster-Douglass housing project and a joint proposal to build a $1 billion soccer stadium on the site of the never-completed Wayne County jail.

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