Snyder Wants to Meet with Obama in Flint

Governor Rick Snyder is requesting a meeting with Barack Obama when the President visits Flint this week.

White House officials say the President is traveling to Flint to view in-person how federal efforts are helping the city deal with its contaminated water supply.

The trip is also happening in part because of a letter written by a young girl from the city who said she wanted to meet the President.

Now Governor Snyder is making the same request.

Back from a trade mission in Europe, the Governor says he would like to meet privately with the President and the mayor of Flint.

Snyder had earlier indicated he had a “full schedule” and might not be able to meet with Mr. Obama, though the Governor now reportedly says he made the remark because he did not want to officially confirm that the President would be in Flint.

That appears to be news to the White House…where officials say Snyder’s schedule must have “got a little freed up.”

The White House will not confirm that Snyder and the President will have a meeting.

But they say it’s likely the two may cross paths at the airport when Mr. Obama lands in Flint, noting that governors often greet presidents on a runway after they arrive in their state.   

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