Republican “Civil War” Sees First Major Battle in Detroit

Candice Fortman, WDET

Who knew Detroit would be the setting of the first major battle of a civil war? That’s ostensibly what we got last night as Fox News hosted yet another Republican presidential debate from the FOX Theater in downtown Detroit. For the first time so far in the race the Republican establishment is publicly attacking the Republican front-runner — Donald Trump — in an attempt to upset his popularity just enough to create a way out of handing him the nomination. The so-called debate also sunk to new lows as Marco Rubio picked on Trump, Trump called Rubio names, and then made a bizarre reference to the size and quality of his manhood. Meanwhile, former Republican nominee Mitt Romney launched a counter-offensive against Trump from his home in Salt Lake City.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson is joined by National Review’s Chief Politcal Correspondent Tim Alberta to discuss the debate. 

It was so surreal…” says Alberta, who was in attendance at the FOX. Alberta says though the rhetoric has ramped up, he doesn’t think the GOP establishment counter-offensive will work. 

“I personally think the Romney thing is insane, because he’s run and lost twice,” says Alberta. “The only thing [the establishment is] praying at this point is they can somehow get to a contested convention scenario.”

Image credit: Candice Fortman, WDET

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