Levin: I Like Clinton and Sanders, but Clinton Better for President


Former Senator Carl Levin made a name in Washington D.C. as a serious lawmaker who understood policy was made through relationships and an ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle. Levin also became known for his acute, no-nonsense line of questioning during committee hearings over serious issues faced by our country. Levin retired from office at the end of 20-14, and — along with former Congressman John Dingell — left a Congress that is increasingly divided with less institutional knowledge. Now he’s hitting the campaign trail to advocate for Hillary Clinton for president. Why Clinton and not another long-time Senator… Bernie Sanders?

She’ll settle for 80% of a loaf, I’m not sure Bernie would,” says Levin over Clinton’s ability to compromise and work with both sides of the aisle. Levin says Bernie Sanders is a friend and he thinks both candidates have good policy views. ”I agree with most of Bernie’s views, I agree with most of [Clinton’s]… but it’s her ability to reach across the aisle and get something done.”

Levin says one issue that stands that he thinks Sanders could be better on is gun control. Sanders has received some criticism for not favoring tougher gun regulations.

Senator Levin joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson in studio to talk about the presidential race. 

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