Can an ‘Individuzlized Learning’ Approach Make a Difference in Detroit Public Schools?

It’s no secret that Detroit Public Schools have been in disarray for years. Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson asks founder and CEO of Matchbook Learning Sajan George about the Matchbook model for individualized learning and how this educational model has turned around failing schools in Detroit.  Here is the essence of their conversation:

  • Matchbook Model: This individualized learning program aims to assess students and provide subject-by-subject personalized learning paths for students in at-risk schools, according to George.  The model emphasizes dynamic sets of individual and small group construction that ensures progress.
  • Results in DPS: Test results show significant improvements in the two years that Matchbook Learning has worked with Detroit Public Schools. According to George, the success can be attributed to receptive faculty and the community. 

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Image credit: Emily Vecchioni

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