Michigan GOP on Republican Presidential Candidates

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson discusses the GOP presidential candidates and what it means at the state level with Ronna Romney-McDaniel, the Chairperson for the Michigan Republican Party. The key points:

  • The candidates: Romney-McDaniel says she is impressed by the number of Republican candidates and says they show a great desire to turn the country around.
  • Michigan’s role: Henderson and Romney-McDaniel agree that Michigan plays an important role in the selection of a Republican candidate. Romney-McDaniel says Michigan is a state that represents the entire nation and its story of recession and turn-around resonates with GOP candidates.
  • The black vote: A caller asked what the GOP has done and can do for the advancement of black people and other people of color. Romney-McDaniel says the effort to bring Detroit out of bankruptcy was a bipartisan one and that the Michigan GOP is the only party with an office currently open in Detroit. She says the Republican Party is trying to appeal to voters of every race and economic situation and to improve on sharing their message in a way that reaches everyone.

Click the audio link above to hear their full conversation.

Image credit: Michigan Republican Party

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