Two Detroit High Schools to Include College Acceptance as a Graduation Requirement

Students at two Detroit charter schools will soon need to be accepted by a college before they’re allowed to graduate. Officials at Consortium College Prep High School and the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy are phasing in requirements over the next two years that mandate advanced placement courses and admission at a post-secondary institution. Jalen Rose Principal Tanya Bowman says the changes are designed to produce graduates who can perform at a high level.

We needed to exceed the expectations that we already have for our scholars, and the best way to do that in order to prepare them for college, was to put them into a more rigorous curriculum, more rigorous courses that would really foster their level of critical thinking.”

-Tanya Bowman

Bowman says she believes the two Detroit schools are the only ones in Michigan with such graduation requirements. She says the rule will take effect beginning with the class of 2016.

Image credit: Jens Schott Knudsen/Creative Commons

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