Graduates from Michigan Universities Tend to Stay in the State

Students who graduate from Michigan universities are more likely to stay in the state than leave after they graduate. That’s according to a new study by the Anderson Economic Group.

The report finds that students who attend those schools tend to develop a strong connection with the state through friends, internships, and other experiences.

Alex Rosaen is the Director of Public Policy and Economic Analysis for the Anderson Economic Group.

It’s not that everybody stays; it’s that if you go to college in Michigan you are much more likely to stay,” Rosaen says.  ”And I think it’s again it’s like chemistry: the more you put people next to other Michigan people the more connections they are likely to make and the more likely they are to stick.”

Rosaen says the universities help keep graduates near schools in metropolitan areas like Ann Arbor and Detroit because of the job opportunities in those cities. 

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