Report: Michigan Has Highest Auto Insurance Rates In US

   A new report finds that Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the nation.

   The report, by the company, reveals that Michiganders pay double the national average for car insurance.

   Company officials say Michigan is the only state in the nation that provides unlimited lifetime personal injury protection and also has an extremely large number of drivers who are uninsured, which drives up the cost of premiums for others.

   Most of those uninsured drivers are in Detroit and Wayne County has by far the most expensive auto insurance in the state.

   Government officials are trying to change that.

   State lawmakers are pushing the latest in a series of proposals to reform Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance coverage.

   And Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has pledged to create city-sponsored auto insurance providers offering lower-cost premiums.

   City officials say the high price for auto insurance helps keep people from moving into Detroit.   

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