Wayne County Executive Announces Recovery Plan

Wayne County Executive Evans released a plan to eliminate deficit.

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans released his plan today to address the county’s $52 million structural deficit.

Evans says the county has $1.3 billion in unfunded health care liabilities.  

The county executive says his “recovery plan” calls for major reductions in health care and pensions.

“We have to eliminate healthcare for future retirees, we will have to move to high deductible plans for most employees and some retirees,” Evans says. “Health care benefits have to be eliminated for future retirees. Future pension benefits have to be reduced.”

Evans says 43 percent of long-term obligations for the county are devoted to health care, so some reductions must be made to help keep the county out of bankruptcy.

He says if something isn’t done soon, the deficit will rise to $171 million in five years.