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Lake Michigan Water Level Rises Rapidly

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Image credit: Corey Seeman/Creative Commons

The water level in Lake Michigan is rising rapidly.

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Corey Seeman/Creative Commons

Experts say the water level of Lake Michigan is rising rapidly.Doctor Alan Steinman is a researcher with the Annis Water Resources Institute. He says the lake is about nine inches higher now than it was last year. Steinman says there are three major reasons for the quick rise.

One being the loss of evaporation into the atmosphere directly from the water surface,” Steinman says.  ”And the two parts of the equation that actually increase water levels, direct precipitation on the lake and then precipitation on the land that runs off into the lake.”

Steinman says no one could have predicted that the water level would increase so fast. He says Lake Michigan had water levels well below average for the past 15 years.



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