Detroit Evening Report: New report highlights health care disparities for Michigan’s Black residents

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Michigan isn’t providing fair and equal health care services to all races, according to a new report from the nonprofit research firm The Commonwealth Fund.

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The state ranked 29th out of 39 states examined in overall health care delivered to Black residents in the organization’s 2024 State Health Disparities Report. Michigan also had a below average health system performance for white residents in comparison to other states.

This issue of poor health care is a national issue as much as it’s a Michigan issue. The study also showed that Black women’s maternal mortality is high in comparison to other high-income countries, and that Black Michiganders face premature death from preventable causes.

Policy changes are only part of the solution, according to the study. There needs to be investment in social services like housing, education, and other broad policy goals to better overall primary care.

Data in the report was assessed based on 25 indicators of health care performance, including quality of care, access to care, and health outcomes.

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