WDET partners with Gongwer News Service to elevate state politics podcast ‘MichMash’

Cheyna Roth welcomes Gongwer’s Zach Gorchow and Alethia Kasben to “MichMash” as they join her as co-hosts of the podcast.

The hosts of MichMash standing in the gallery at the state Capitol. (Left to right: Zach Gorchow, Alethia Kasben, Cheyna Roth)

The hosts of MichMash standing in the gallery at the state Capitol. (Left to right: Zach Gorchow, Alethia Kasben, Cheyna Roth)

Detroit Public Radio 101.9 WDET is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Gongwer News Service to further enhance the weekly state politics podcast, MichMash. Hosted by award-winning podcaster and journalist Cheyna Roth, MichMash has a reputation for unraveling the intricacies of the state’s political landscape. Since its inception in 2017, MichMash has become an essential source of information for engaged citizens across Michigan, from Detroit to Marquette.

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In this episode:

  • Meet Cheyna Roth’s new co-hosts, Zach Gorchow and Alethia Kasben.
  • Who is Gongwer?
  • What to expect from MichMash in 2024.

Starting on Friday, Jan. 12, 2024, Zach Gorchow and Alethia Kasben of Gongwer News Service will join Cheyna Roth as co-hosts of MichMash, marking an exciting new chapter for the podcast. This partnership signifies a union of WDET’s commitment to providing accurate, accessible news with Gongwer’s unparalleled Capitol reporting and expertise.

MichMash has garnered its well-deserved reputation by offering a unique blend of casual, informative, and timely discussions on Michigan’s political developments and democratic processes. The podcast boasts a wide range of interviews with elected officials, policymakers, and fellow journalists, providing listeners with an insider’s view of the state’s political landscape.

“WDET is thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Gongwer News Service,” says WDET General Manager Mary Zatina. “We believe this collaboration will bring even more depth and insight to MichMash, making it an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the complexities of Michigan’s political arena.”

Zach Gorchow, executive editor and publisher of Gongwer News Service Michigan, said the new partnership is a natural fit for Gongwer’s focus on state policy and politics. “We’re excited to join forces with WDET and Cheyna Roth on MichMash. Michigan politics is rich and dynamic, and we look forward to contributing our expertise to this outstanding podcast.”

MichMash is available on all major podcast platforms and is also broadcast on several public radio stations throughout Michigan, including WDET. The podcast is published every Friday, making it a go-to resource for staying informed about the latest developments in Michigan politics.

Listeners can look forward to a fresh and enriched MichMash experience as Cheyna Roth, Zach Gorchow and Alethia Kasben combine their talents to explore the intricacies of Michigan politics in the coming episodes. Together, they aim to provide in-depth analysis, engaging discussions, and unique insights into the state’s ever-evolving political landscape.

For more information about MichMash and to stay updated on the latest episodes, visit wdet.org, download the free WDET mobile app from your app store or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

About WDET Detroit Public Radio:

WDET Detroit Public Radio, an NPR affiliate station, is dedicated to providing reliable news and engaging content to the people of Detroit and the surrounding areas. With a focus on promoting informed citizenship and civic engagement, WDET has been a trusted source of news and information for over 70 years.

About Gongwer News Service:

Gongwer News Service is a renowned and respected source of political news and analysis in Michigan. With a team of experienced journalists, Gongwer has been delivering comprehensive coverage of Michigan politics, policy, and government since 1961 and can be found at gongwer.com.

MichMash is produced by WDET, Detroit Public Radio, in collaboration with Gongwer News Service.

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David Leins
Podcast Manager
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