Streetlight Detroit newsletter reimagines community policing and safety

The bi-weekly newsletter from Outlier Media explores safety and policing from a larger lens of improving Detroiters’ lives.

Detroit Police vehicle

Outlier Media launched a new safety and policing newsletter called Streetlight Detroit earlier this year in collaboration with local media partners.

Miriam Marini is the editor of Streetlight Detroit. She says the bi-weekly newsletter explores safety and policing from a larger lens of improving Detroiters’ lives.

“This can be far-ranging, it can go from people involved in the public safety sector. And it can also be like community advocacy groups, but this can also be the crossing guard at your local elementary school,” she said.

The newsletter covers criminal justice, technology in policing, and initiatives that impact residents in the realm of public safety, she said. Recently the newsletter included a story about how plastic bags impact environmental safety.

Marini said the newsletter aims to change the way people traditionally think of public safety to include environmental justice and safe spaces for Detroiters.

“It could include safe spaces around you and instances of local people just kind of taking charge and helping their community to be a safer space where families can flourish,” she said.

The latest edition includes election safety.

Learn more about Streetlight Detroit at

Listen: Full interview with Miriam Marini, editor of the new Streetlight Detroit newsletter

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