Detroit Evening Report: Residents begin advisory council elections to guide $3B development

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Concept art of proposed Henry Ford Hospital expansion in Detroit.

Concept art of proposed Henry Ford Hospital expansion in Detroit.

The first two Community Benefits Ordinance meetings of Detroit residents living in the area of a planned $3 billion New Center development took place this month.

Two residents were elected by their neighbors on Tuesday to the nine-member Neighborhood Advisory Council tasked with collaborating with project developers to create a community agreement that will require approval by Detroit City Council.

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The development from Henry Ford Health, Michigan State University, Tom Gores and the Detroit Pistons, aims to create a new hospital and medical research campus which will include residential, commercial, retail and recreational developments over the next decade.

Residents who attended the meeting on Tuesday voted for Detroiters Joanne Adams and Steven Rimmer to fill two of the nine seats on the advisory council. Twenty-three Detroiters stepped forward to serve on the council, Bridge Detroit reports, which will make up the candidate pool for the remaining seven seats – four of which will be selected by the Detroit Planning Department and three by City Council members.

“Our plan in Detroit has focused on bringing people and organizations together and creating meaningful partnerships that accelerate growth, create opportunity and contribute to the revitalization of the city,” Gores said in a press release announcing the development project. “We are uniquely positioned and fortunate to have our partners at Henry Ford Health support the reimagination of our shared neighborhood, which will create jobs and housing for a new generation of Detroiters.”

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