Detroit Today: Explaining Warren’s primary election and the Jim Fouts controversy

Reporters Christina Hall and Susan Smily spoke to “Detroit Today” about today’s significant races in Warren.

Warren Civic Center building.

Voting for primary elections began today in cities across the state of Michigan. 

In Warren, Mayor Jim Fouts, who has been in office since 2007, is suing the city council for blocking his bid to run for a fifth term in office. As of this writing, Fouts’ name is still not on the ballot.

Fouts hopes to decertify today’s election and schedule a special election to be held before November when his name could possibly appear on the ballot. 

Warren’s population of almost 140,000 will likely elect a new mayor for the first time in 16 years.

Reporters Christina Hall and Susan Smiley spoke to Detroit Today about today’s significant races in Warren.

Listen: Warren’s election — and Mayor Jim Fouts’ controversy, explained


Christina Hall covers Macomb County and assists on coverage of southeast Oakland County at the Detroit Free Press. She says Fouts wants a special election, which seems impossible at this point due to the fact that mayoral elections are progressing as originally planned.

“A lot of people have voted absentee already,” says Hall.

Susan Smiley is a reporter with The Macomb Daily, and has been covering the primary race in Warren. Smiley says residents are fatigued with the current mayor and want to see someone else take up the mayoral position. 

“What residents are looking for is, ‘Who are we going to elect that will move things forward and move them in same direction,’” Smiley says.

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