With Democrats controlling Lansing, ‘right-to-work’ repeal set to take center stage

Democrats will also look at expanding the earned income tax credit for low income families, according to reporter Rick Pluta.

Michigan State Capitol building on a cloudy day

This week, Democrats began their first session in 40 years with control of the state house, senate and Governor’s office. With the change in power, many are calling for a repeal of Michigan’s right-to-work law — which prohibits contracts that make union membership a condition of employment.

Michigan Democrats have repeatedly attempted to repeal the law, arguing it allows people a “free ride” to benefits without paying any dues, reducing the funding and power of the union.

“Right to work is clearly on the table.” — Rick Pluta, Michigan Public Radio Network

Listen: Why right-to-work may be a priority for Michigan Democrats.



Rick Pluta is a senior state Capitol correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He says Democrats are set up to undo many things Republicans managed to enact over the past four decades.

“Right to work is clearly on the table,” says Pluta. “There will be pushback from Republicans and business groups on that.”

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