Psychedelics could provide relief for mental health challenges

As psychedelics become decriminalized in many states, author Matt Zemon joins CultureShift to talk about how they can be used medicinally.

book cover for Psychedelics for Beginners by Matt Zemon

Book cover of 'Psychedelics for Beginners' by Matt Zemon.

Psychedelics have the potential to help heal issues like anxiety, major depression, long term grief and other mental health challenges that many people are struggling to navigate in today’s world.

This is something we’ve covered on CultureShift for a long time now — not only the potentials of these chemicals, plants and fungi for healing deeply rooted trauma, depression and anxiety disorders, but we’ve also talked quite a bit about the efforts and successes of the decriminalization movement. Here in Detroit and Ann Arbor, a lot of the laws surrounding these substances have been changed, really opening up an opportunity for Michigan residents to find new options for therapy.

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Matt Zemon is the CEO and co-founder of HAPPŸŸ, a mental wellness company specializing in psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy. He’s also the author of ‘Psychedelics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide to these Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD and Expanding Consciousness.’

Zemon joined CultureShift to talk about his own healing experience with psychedelics, what he’s learned from researching such chemicals and how he hopes to bring a greater understanding of them to the masses.

“Having this type of experience was so far outside of anything I’d ever experienced before. I knew it was healing, I knew it was incredible and I knew I didn’t know enough about it. And I wanted to learn more.” — Matt Zemon, author of ‘Psychedelics for Everyone’

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