jessica Care moore wants her opera to be an immersive experience

The poet joined CultureShift to talk about WILD BEAUTY at the DSO, what inspires her and preserving Detroit’s cultural memory.

jessica Care moore poses in the WDET studios in October 2022.

jessica Care moore poses in the WDET studios in October 2022.

Coming to the DSO is a show that combines poetry, opera and music under the direction of one of Detroit’s greatest voices.

jessica Care moore is an incredible poet, performer, educator and Detroiter. Her newest show is called WILD BEAUTY, and it features collaborations with Kisma Jordan, Ideeyah and De’Sean Jones. The show will take place at the DSO’s Cube on Friday, Oct. 21 at 8 p.m.

She joined CultureShift live in the studio to talk about what to expect from WILD BEAUTY, what inspires her and the importance of preserving Detroit’s cultural memory.

“People go to the opera and think they gotta sit there and be quiet and then clap at the end very politely. No, don’t do that with my show. I want them to go to church, call out, ‘Yes, girl, yes,’ clap in the middle of the poem. We want it to be an immersive experience.” — poet jessica Care moore

She also previewed her poetry with a chilling reading of one of her pieces from the show. Watch a video of her performance below:


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