GOP Michigan lawmaker’s primary residence called into question after redistricting

Cheyna Roth sits down with The Detroit News’ Beth LeBlanc to talk about one lawmaker, Rep. Graham Filler, who has started renting a house in order to possibly qualify for a different district.


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After the recent redistricting that took place in the state, Michigan lawmakers have had to grapple with living in a new district — in some cases one that isn’t as friendly to their political party as before.

Earlier this year, Rep. Graham Filler, who represents Michigan’s 93rd District and is Chairman of the Michigan House Judiciary Committee, changed his primary residence from a home he owns in Watertown Township, to a home he is renting in Duplain Township in Clinton County.

The change follows the state’s redistricting process, which put Filler’s Watertown home in what appears to be a Democrat-dominated district now. 

The Detroit News’ Beth LeBlanc and Craig Mauger reported that Filler’s new primary residence appeared from the outside to be unoccupied at the time of their reporting. The home has since had the lawn mowed and flags put up outside.

With new districts across the state, primary residences of other Michigan lawmakers could also be under scrutiny ahead of the November election.

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