AG hopeful Matt DePerno implicated in alleged vote tabulator ‘conspiracy’

Craig Mauger of The Detroit News joins Cheyna Roth to unpack the alleged vote tabulator tampering by nine individuals, including AG hopeful Matt DePerno.

Michigan GOP Convention, April 2022.


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In this episode:

The Michigan Attorney General’s office has asked for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate nine individuals for an alleged vote tabulator tampering conspiracy. 

The accused individuals include Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf, State Rep. Daire Rendon and Matt DePerno, the Republican presumptive nominee expected to challenge Nessel for her post in November.

Nessel is seeking a special prosecutor to recuse herself from the case.

DePerno and others are accused of using their positions and influence to obtain tabulators from local clerks offices, take them to hotels in Oakland County, and do tests on them following the 2020 presidential election.

Looking for red tape

One clue investigators and journalists alike have been looking for is red tape. DePerno’s website featured a video showing a tabulator with red tape covering the identifying number.

The video showed someone apparently altering the tabulator results. Closer inspection of the video appears to show the tabulator was in Royal Oak, but it is not known exactly where the tabulator came from, or if it was even used in the 2020 election.

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