Crummy’s Cake Supply and Studio in Detroit is one of a kind

Crummy’s is the only Black-owned store that specializes in baking essentials like cake boards, pastry bags and more as well as baking classes.

Owners of Crummys

Charlita and Mark Knox


Crummy’s Cake Supply and Studio is the only business of its kind in Detroit.

It’s the only Black-owned store in the city that specializes in baking essentials like cake boards, pastry bags and much more. Crummy’s also offers baking classes, from candy apples to tiered cake designs.

Husband-and-wife team Charlita and Mark Knox are owners of Crummy’s. While working full time at Comerica, Mark always helped Charlita with baking, packaging and delivering.

Supplies in store 

Knox says the name of the business was a nickname given to his wife by a family member. 

“While she’s been baking since she was like 4 years old, she actually got named crummy from her auntie because she used to have cookie crumbs all over her face when she used to help her grandma bake.” 

Knox says he took time to learn about owning and maintaining a business. In 2018, they decided to go all in on Crummy’s. He quit his job and two years later they found the space, but it would take another two years until they were ready to open. Knox says planning is one of the most important things for new business owners to know. 

“YouTube is your best friend. It’s free is nothing but visual knowledge on YouTube, learn everything you need to learn research online, go to the library and go on like everything you need to learn from the cost of your accounting, everything and take your time planning it out.”

He adds: “Take your time with it, map out everything about your business and know what you’re doing.”

The store is located on West Seven Mile near the historic Avenue of Fashion. Crummy’s recently had a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the new space. 

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