New Book “A More Perfect Union” Explores Ways Americans Can Move Beyond Division

The Rev. Adam Russell Taylor says America needs to do more truth-telling, repent for its historical injustices and offer Black Americans reparations in order to rebuild together.

The chaos and the division of the last several years has tested our country and our democracy in new and frightening ways. Many of us fear that Americans are failing these tests.

“We are a nation that is and should be constantly striving toward a more perfect union.” –Rev. Adam Taylor

This leaves both new and enduring questions about how we, a country of more than 300 million people with many different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, can unite under a banner of cooperation, justice and dignity. A new book by the Rev. Adam Russell Taylor explores hope, despair, faith and the ways we can construct a more perfect union. 

Listen: The Rev. Adam Russell Taylor talks about the importance of faith within the American project.

Courtesy of Sojourners
Courtesy of Sojourners


The Rev. Adam Russell Taylor is the president of Sojourners and author of the new book, “A More Perfect Union: A New Vision for Building the Beloved Community.”

Taylor acknowledges that we will never be perfect, but that we should always be trying to achieve a more perfect union.

“We are a nation that is and should be constantly striving toward a more perfect union,” he says.

Taylor believes that a key part of discipleship is civic engagement. He also says our plurality is something that shouldn’t be feared but embraced.

“Part of the message of the book … is trying to make this argument and paint a picture of how a healthy, more just, multiracial democracy is actually a country where everyone would be enabled to thrive, and it’s a country that’s much more aligned with our deepest civic and religious values,” he says. 

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