Detroit Today’s Annual Festivus Show Has Never Felt More Necessary

It’s that special time of year, when Stephen Henderson and guests air their grievances from the past year. And as we close out 2020, you can expect that there’s a lot to vent about.

Stephen Henderson smiles with WDET's Festivus Pole in the studio

Stephen Henderson smiles with WDET's Festivus Pole in the studio in 2016.

From unprecedented mail delays to toilet paper hoarding, 2020 may go down in the Festivus hall of fame as the year producing the most grievances.

“Mute your damn phones, people!” – Bill Nowling, Wayne County.

As Detroit Today does every year, Stephen Henderson is joined by some familiar voices to recount, vent and maybe even laugh at, everything that was wrong with 2020. 

Click the audio player above: Airing grievances from a year like 2020 could fill a whole week, but Stephen Henderson and guests try to tackle it in one hour on Detroit Today


Candice Fortman is the executive director of Outlier Media. Some of her grievances for 2020 include:

  • Plants. “I’ve tried so hard to become a plant mom. I’ve killed everything I’ve touched,” she says.
  • Backyard sewer disasters. “Did you know sewer lines in your yard can collapse? Mine did.” 
  • Searching for your soul mate in the flooring aisle. “Home depot is my only hope for finding a date.”

Bill Nowling is the communications director for Wayne County. Some of his 2020 grievances include:

  • Lack of Festivus swag despite multiple years doing this show for WDET.
  • Bad video conference etiquette. “Mute your damn phones, people!” says Nowling.
  • Working from home not fixing old office problems. “The plague of office-visit to follow up on an email hasn’t ended, it has only gotten worse”

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