Avoid the Political Season Attack Ad Environment

Aren’t you tired of all the Political Ads? They are going to get worse!

As a public media station, WDET DOES NOT RUN POLITICAL ADS.  As a consumer and a marketer, this unique benefit is now more important than ever as the upcoming 2020 election is proving to be one of the most contentious of our time. 

Compared to local “commercial” media options, WDET’s clutter-free environment and public media broadcasting format is a “safe haven” for businesses looking to avoid being lost among the onslaught of political ad campaigns. That means your message stands out and resonates, resulting in increased awareness and ROI.

There is no better time to reach WDET’s loyal, passionate audience than now.  

WDET Election Year Business Benefits – The Better Alternative 

  • Stand out from the crowd and distance your brand from political attack ads
  • Avoid the typical “political season” high ad rates and having your campaign “bumped”
  • Don’t risk losing your voice and your brand during this election season 

The trust and loyalty our listeners have for WDET transfers to the companies that support us. We call this the “Halo Effect”.

71% of the NPR audience hold a more positive opinion of sponsors that support NPR stations.
Survey, March 2017 and NPR Impact Study January 2017.

Looking for a better, kinder, more trusted alternative for your business message during the political season?  WDET can help! Contact one of our corporate underwriting representatives below! We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Rankin- 248-376-2356, Email: mrankin@wdet.org
Michael Perkins- 248-872-7736, Email: mperkins@wdet.org
Lisa Brancato- 313-408-1605, Email: lbrancato@wdet.org