Radio listening is growing. That should not be surprising.

Radio as Comfort Food

More people are at home, looking for trusted news and information as well as an oasis from the daily barrage of COVID statistics.  And in doing so, more people are relying on radio and their favorite on air personalities to provide that trusted news and information during the coronavirus crisis.  That trust is magnified even further for public media stations.  As evidence, see below just one of hundreds of positive listener comments WDET has recently received:

“I’ve been home sick, isolated in my room, probably with Covid, feeling kinda sorry for myself. But today was a new day and the 60 degree weather meant I could open the windows to let in the beautiful sounds of my little world, like the noise of my goofy teenagers making their sick mom’s breakfast and Stephen Henderson’s smart, sonorous tones loud and clear accompanying them in the kitchen. With the crazy surround sound of the world right now, Stephen’s voice offers an important contrast — and for today, it offered me grounding and healing peace.

We have a rough ride ahead. Quality journalism, audio and programming will be as important as ever. Thanks friends!” – Bridget

A recent Nielsen survey found that 83% of consumers say they’re listening to as much or more radio as they were before the pandemic. That is huge! 


It’s the On Air Personalities

In particular, consumers relate to on air personalities they trust. “In a time of heightened uncertainty and disrupted routines, consumers are turning to radio as a trusted source of information and community connection, mirroring patterns observed during past regional and national disasters and weather events,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio.


Create New Relationships

As more consumers rely on radio, radio station advertisers and sponsors have a unique opportunity to create new relationships with listeners and build trust.  It is an opportunity to deliver a captive (literally) audience important and helpful information on your products, services and COVID related changes to your business. 

“Radio is a local lifeblood for millions of consumers and specializes in keeping audiences up-to-date and plugged into what matters most to them in their community,” said Kelly. “In this environment, it’s no surprise that people say they use radio as a major source of information and connection. Whether it’s for local news, a place to listen to what is happening, to connect with community members or simply as a way to find out which essential retailers are open for business, radio is continuing to fill those needs for consumers everywhere.”

To read the entire Nielsen survey click here.

Underwriting with WDET

Underwriting with WDET, Detroit’s NPR station is a way for your business to stand out during this time of crisis and reach a targeted, loyal audience of potential consumers in an authentic, uncluttered and trusted environment. 

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