Detroit Police Chief James Craig Diagnosed With COVID-19

The Detroit police chief’s diagnosis leaves him homebound but not hospitalized. In all, 39 officers have COVID-19, with hundreds more in quarantine.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has tested positive for COVID-19, said Mayor Mike Duggan during a news conference this afternoon.

In all, 39 Detroit police officers have the respiratory illness – with another 470 in quarantine, after potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. Many in quarantine are expected to come back to work after a 14-day period.

“I talked to him today and he said, ‘This is what I signed up for when I went into law enforcement.” — Mayor Mike Duggan

Duggan says Chief Craig, who is in his sixties, is in good condition and has not been hospitalized.

“It’s something we knew was a possibility,” Duggan said. “He is very much in charge of running this department. I think I’ve talked to him 10 times today, but he’s not going to be back on site until he fully recovers.”

Duggan says that Craig is fit and has mild symptoms – and that he will return after he fully recovers. 

“I talked to him today and he said, ‘This is what I signed up for when I went into law enforcement,” Duggan said. “I knew the risks. I’ve got a great team and I’m going to run this place from my home until I beat it and I’m back.’”

Assistant Chief James White is taking over the day-to-day operations of the Detroit Police Department.

The City of Detroit has been a hotspot for COVID-19 cases with over 1,000 people diagnosed so far.

Duggan says officers have been working double shifts to deal with the shortage.