Congresswoman Haley Stevens Backs $1,000 Cash Assistance — Or More — In Response to COVID-19

“My commitment has been this: No one will be left behind,” says Congresswoman Stevens on legislation addressing the coronavirus.

The continued spread of COVID-19 throughout American communities has ravaged local economies and brought big and small businesses alike to halt.

“We need to make this clear and simple for people to help them get through this time.” — Congresswoman Haley Stevens

President Donald Trump has signed a coronavirus emergency package meant to help Americans through this pandemic. Specifically, it provides many workers with paid sick and family leave and bolsters unemployment insurance.

Will this legislation do enough to support Americans through this pandemic and what actions can be expected from the federal government in the days and weeks ahead?

Listen: Congresswoman Haley Stevens talks lawmakers’ plans to address national health and financial crisis. 


Congresswoman Haley Stevens, a Democrat representing Michigan’s 11th District, says the coronavirus relief package recently signed into law through Congress is about accessibility to medical assistance.

“Testing, testing, testing. This is about making testing more available.” — Congresswoman Haley Stevens

This action is not fully comprehensive but is a large step in the right direction, says Rep. Stevens. 

On the percolating bill to get cash assistance in the hands of Americans, Rep. Stevens says she is inspired to see people like President Trump and Senator Mitt Romney seemingly in support of these efforts. The number circulating around Congress right now is $1,000 a month in cash assistance to American taxpayers.

Rep. Stevens says she wants to see this policy be as transparent as possible and would be in favor of that dollar amount for Americans increasing.

“We could likely go higher. We need to make this clear and simple for people to help them get through this time.”

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