India’s Democracy Faces New Test With Citizenship Law

“The upper caste Hindus have been terribly anti-Islamic,” says political analyst Ajit Sahi.

There’s an event happening today at Wayne State University devoted to examining Indian democracy.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson delves into the current issues around happening within the world’s largest democracy as they relate to religious and academic freedoms. 

“I am Hindu and people like me reject this xenophobic ideology.” – Ajit Sahi, political analyst

“Indian Democracy at a Crossroads” at Wayne State University is taking place at the Bernath Auditorium Undergraduate Library from 6:30 to 8 p.m. 

Click on the player to hear the Ajit Sahi on religious freedom and the future of democracy in India.


  • Ajit Sahi is a political analyst and civil liberties activist from India who also does advocacy and campaigning in Washington DC. Sahi talks about the protests happening in India, led in large part by Muslim women, who he says are being disenfranchised through a new citizenship law that is aimed at silencing the approximately 200 million Muslims living in India.

​​Sahi says the law would turn Muslims into foreigners even though they were born in India, although the government is denying the allegation.

I am Hindu and people like me reject this xenophobic ideology,” says Sahi. 

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