Why Is Kid Rock So Upset? And Other Questions For Detroit’s Forgotten Son

Kid Rock is no stranger to stirring up controversy, but his latest move exploded into a riff between the entertainer and the city he’s repped for years.

Last week, Kid Rock took to the stage at his Honky Tonk Steakhouse restaurant in Nashville and released a slew of expletives toward Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar – the main target being Oprah.

The rant made its way to social media and TMZ the popular celebrity buzz platform and TV show – which obtained footage and skyrocketed the video to viral status. 

 Kid Rock “made his name with this kind of provocative, incendiary sort of stuff.” – Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press

“The thing about Kid Rock is, he’s always been like this,” says Detroit Free Press journalist Brian McCollum. “The guy made his name with this kind of provocative, incendiary sort of stuff and I think in a lot of ways, the backlash we’ve seen in recent days, more than anything, tells you how much the culture has changed in the years he’s blown up.” 

Following Rock’s flow of insults, he made headlines again when, in two separate statements, he and Illitich Holdings announced that he would not be renewing the licensing agreement for his Made in Detroit restaurant at Little Caesars Arena. The restaurant, which carries Kid Rock merchandise, has been part of the District Detroit entertainment layout since the arena opened in 2017. 

Click the player for Ryan Patrick Hooper’s discussion with journalist Brian McCollum about Kid Rock’s rant and Detroit breakup.